Christian Arts

Since college, I’ve been convicted that it is within the church that our communities should find thriving and engaging arts communities; communities creating and producing profound art and experiences for the purpose of improving man’s existence by creating moments that lead us to spiritual truths and to understand the realities of life without knowing and living in and God’s presence.

So many of the arts are rich with opportunity to communicate or express the state of man, the glory and passions of God, and to touch upon the emptiness inside us that is the result of our need for communion with the Creator.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I believe that one of the greatest and richest virtues of art is its ability to cut through the visible and to access, relate, discern, and express the inner and, often times hidden, human psyche; that place where love and lust, peace and aggression, joy and despair exist side by side.  Art helps the individual to connect their heart, mind, and spirit, to connect to a communal understanding of truth, and helps that community to connect to the transcendent kingdom of God, as it prepares their hearts for filling and altering knowledge.

I have been fortunate enough to serve with many profound and talented artisans in producing works that are established upon a desire to see people respond to the work of God in their lives and in the world around them.  Unfortunately, all such works were not always documented using the various digital mediums available.  From those that were and to which I have access, I have created a video collection that I want to share.

Click here for a sampling of those collaborative works of Christian art.

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