Participation Requirements

lightstock_188606_small_sethAn opportunity to travel should be seen as a gift of adventure and an opportunity for positive change. Travel provides unique opportunities for us to develop ourselves, to develop our beliefs about ourselves, to examine our beliefs about others, and to provide us with a truer sense of ourselves. HOWEVER…such opportunities do not come without certain strings attached and international travel is no exception to this.

Adventures are unique in both the journey and destination. To take part in this particular musical adventure in Germany, you will need to give thoughtful consideration to the following requirements:

  1. Possess a valid US Passport. If you need a passport -OR- if you need to renew your passport, click HERE. If your passport is set to expire within 6-months of the date that you enter Germany, you need to renew it. Do not delay.
  2. Pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $300 to LIFE Fellowship by March 06.
  3. Commit to measurably participating in all trip fundraising efforts.
  4. Commit to consistent and effective use of rehearsal resources.
  5. Display an understanding that you are an important and influential part of a whole. Display this understanding through productive participation in rehearsals and performances, through your personal interactions with your teammates, and through the appropriate presentation of yourself and Jesus Christ to your brothers, sisters, supporters and audiences.
  6. Complete a singer assessment with the choir director. Assessments are scheduled to take place from March 13 – April 03 in Room 306 at LIFE Fellowship in Room. Scheduling opportunities will be distributed via email.
  7. Commit to performing the selected musical program from memory. Target dates for memorization will be established within our rehearsal schedule.
  8. Commit to missing no more than 4 choir rehearsals*. Missing more than 4 rehearsals will forfeit your membership in the choir. No monies paid or raised by a singer are refundable. You can view the rehearsal schedule HERE. Please plan your personal schedule accordingly.*In light of exceptional circumstances surrounding a singer’s 5th absence, the Oxygen Choir’s leadership may choose to extend a singer’s membership in the choir. Should this extension be provided, it will be provided with updates conditions that the singer will be expected to meet in order to participate in the tour.

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