February 10: Singer assessments
February 17 & 24: Full rehearsals
March 23 & 30: Sectional rehearsals
April 20 & 27: Full rehearsals
May 18 & 25: Full rehearsals
June & July: No rehearsals
August 24 & 31: Full rehearsals (partial memorization)
September 21 & 28: Full rehearsals (partial memorization)
October 19 & 26: Full rehearsals (full memorization)
November: Possible pre-trip performances and/or additional rehearsals
Participant’s Written Commitment: January 27
Earnest Money Due: February 24 (non-refundable)
Initial Group Deposit Due to Travel Agent: to be announced
All Final Payments Due to Travel Agent: to be announced

Travel Dates
November 27 – December 05
Please stay current on all dates and deadlines by checking the calendar below.

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