I’m Listening to…

Like you, I love to create an atmosphere that supports my mood, activity, or something my family is doing.  At home, I have speakers that my wife, boys, or I can connect to wirelessly with our devices so that we can all share in each other’s musical revelry.

Sometimes it’s silly.  Sometimes it’s academic.  Sometimes it’s cleansing.  Sometimes it’s Disney 😉

Friends will send me songs.  Singers will send me playlists.  Church members will send me YouTube links.  Sometimes I will be in a rehearsal or reading my Twitter or Facebook news feeds and something will capture my fancy.  I jot it down, text myself, or do an immediate search.

When I find a particularly striking album, track, artist, or station, I will share it here.

In honor of my Grandaddy Lanier who passed away Wednesday, May 7, 2014, I have compiled a list of songs that hold significance to me when I think upon our relationship and the impact that he had on my life.

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