photo-on-2011-03-17-at-18-51.jpgWho am I?  I am an original design, like you, with a pre-determined purpose, like you.  As I achieve that purpose, my life is expended and I get closer to the end of my journey.

So far, I have been a son raised in a challenging environment, a student who didn’t take advantage of his opportunities, a husband who has married better than he deserves, a father of three boys all of who can make any second of any day richer than he can fully express, and a servant of the church.

Oh, I’ve been other things, too.  A grandson to two sets of endearing grandparents who were quite different from each other.  A friend, a nephew, a brother, a teacher, a boyfriend, a cashier, a groundskeeper, a farm hand, a dishwasher, a scholarship winner, a writer, a Boy Scout, a musician, and the list goes on and on.

At the end of it all, I am a person very much like any other person.  I may do a better or worse job at expressing my humanity.  I may do a better or worse job at making decisions.  I may do a better or worse job at learning from my mistakes (or making or avoiding mistakes).  But no matter the contrast or comparison, I am very much like the majority of humanity.

There is one thing, though, that sets me apart; I fully believe in the Word.  Not only do I fully believe, I have also prayed to the Word and asked Him to forgive me and to renew me.  I want to overcome.  Though my life is being expended (just like yours is at this exact moment), I am now living out my salvation with my eye on a world that has not yet been realized and of which I long to be a part.

Who I am?  While I am filling the role of Jason Lanier, being a devoted husband to Vince Lanier, and being a helplessly enamored father to Ellis, Liam, and Oliver, and a fulfilling my role as a servant of the church, I am also still working out the answer to that question.

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