Short shorts, Emus, and Gelflings

Here is a younger Vince Lanier wearing China’s version of “Daisy Dukes”聽馃檪 This photo is of her and聽 her friend, Jo Fan, visiting somewhere in China. Seeing this photo this morning reminded me of a treasured memory of a day from my honeymoon. I remember well, while on our honeymoon, Vince and I were visiting… Continue Reading

We Are Home OWNERS!…but not really.

My wife,聽Vince, recently shared some very big news regarding our family. WE PAID OFF OUR HOUSE THIS WEEK! After nearly 15 years in this home, our first home, we made our final mortgage payment this very week. Pulling into my driveway this week has been more satisfying than my normal “home again, home again, jiggity… Continue Reading

Mama’s Story

Today my Mama turns 59 years old. In another 22 days, I will turn 40. I was probably 14 years old when I calculated the years between my mother’s birthday and my own. The realization that there were only 19 years between her birthday and my birthday intrigued me. So, being a rather fundamental Baptist… Continue Reading

“Daddy Talk” with Liam

Liam, On our morning drive to school you and I talked聽about the need for you to become aware of routines and habits as you approach the turning of 9 this coming July. The talk was a result of your mother鈥檚 request to me as I was leaving the house for the day that I chat… Continue Reading