Just another day…

My beginning portion…

The alarm sounded at 6:00 AM. Another day had begun.

I stumbled to the bathroom, nearly blinded by sleep and darkness, and hit the on/off button on the white iPod/radio alarm clock set beside my sink. I considered my form in the mirror…hair messy, light stubble on my face (do I need to shave this morning? Maybe not.), that extra “10 pounds” that I loathe. I turned to head towards Ellis’ bedroom. It was time for him to begin his day, as well.

“Get up Ellis. It’s time to get ready for school. Go brush your teeth and put on your clothes. Okay? Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”, a groggy and unaware, yet obedient, reply.

“You’re a good boy.”

I head back to the bathroom I vacated earlier.

This morning routine is unattractive, devoid of reflection, and is tightly timed. There is no room for stray distractions. Get up, turn alarm clock off, get Ellis up, tell him he’s a good boy (why I do this every morning, I have no real insight nor the time to think about it), get a shower, dress for my morning workout, pack a gym bag with clothes that are appropriate for the day’s upcoming events, go downstairs, collect my office bag, get Ellis in the truck, head for the parking lot to catch the bus before 7. Monday through Friday with rare exception.

My office portion…

A vocalist is waiting for me to let her into the office so that she can download some worship music she will be learning for services. We exchange pleasant conversation.

I enter my office with gym bag and office bag in hand. I open my laptop lid, log into the network, quickly check email, look for ways to post our church’s worship songs on-line for singers and band members, and head to the gym.

I run 4-miles with a friend. We discuss church, politics, our wives, church, and the Second-coming of Christ. Wow, was I working out hard enough if I could discuss all that AND run 4 miles?

I head back to the office. There is a meeting on my schedule for 10:00 with my drama director and an actor from our drama team. I have about an hour before that meeting. I continue my on-line search for ways to make our songs available to our musicians through web.

The meeting hour arrives. The three of us meet in the WD conference room to discuss ways to improve our actors’ skills. It was a good meeting. Hopefully it will result in something good and useful.

From that meeting, I head to a meeting I was not expecting. In this meeting, I am less than hopeful. It is a meeting regarding the use of our drama and dance teams. Without going into detail, suffice it to say, I serve a conservative Southern Baptist church led by conservative Southern Baptist pastors. Dance + Drama + Southern Baptist Church = meeting(s).

The rest of the day has been uneventful. Lunch with a friend at Olive Garden. A meeting with the choir manager. All good.

My ending portion…

I have not executed this portion as of this writing. But I would guess that it will consist of helping Ellis with homework, watching a few episodes of “Frasier”, maybe posting some pictures on-line from my recent trip to Hong Kong, and then to bed as I await the 6:00 AM bell that signifies another day.