I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy

In all the years that I have sung, professional and unprofessional, in and out of church, there has never been another song that I’ve been asked to sing as often as, “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy”. This particular video of my performance is from a day of celebration and commemoration for an… Continue Reading

Congregational Growth/Decline

The Comeback Church Conferencewas hosted at my church this past Tuesday.  The conference was presented by the NC Southern Baptist State Convention.  It addressed the reality of decline in many of our denomination’s congregations.  Ed SetzerandJ.D. Greearwere the featured teachers/leaders of this much needed dialogue among pastors and church leaders. The conference provided opportunity for… Continue Reading

Begin with the end in mind…

Stephen Covey wrote the words, “Begin with the end in mind.” I remember very little of anything that he wrote before or after that statement. But those specific words, “Begin with the end in mind”, have remained with me since the day that I read them. When I read these words, there was an instant… Continue Reading


My nemesis, Betrayal, and I have met again. Merriam-Webster defines betrayal as: 1 : to lead astray; 2 : to deliver to an enemy by treachery 3 : to fail or desert especially in time of need 4 a : to reveal unintentionally <betray one’s true feelings> b : to disclose in violation of confidence intransitive… Continue Reading


I am currently experiencing a storm of sorts in my life.  I have found it to be quite true that storms wash us, change us, effect us powerfully, and are tools of God.  But knowing this does not make the experience any less draining or bothersome.  If it did, I suppose one could not categorize… Continue Reading