I am currently experiencing a storm of sorts in my life.  I have found it to be quite true that storms wash us, change us, effect us powerfully, and are tools of God.  But knowing this does not make the experience any less draining or bothersome.  If it did, I suppose one could not categorize the circumstances causing the tribulation “a storm.”  Storms of this type motivate me to action; seeking, praying, questioning, doubting, planning, etc.  The challenge, of course, is choosing the right action which leads to the right path and outcome.  For this, I am grateful for the Spirit’s presence.

Ironically, as I type this out there is a thunderstorm occuring just outside the glass walls of the sunroom in which I am writing.  Now this type of storm I like.  It refreshes me.  It reminds me that there are forces in this world larger and more powerful than myself.  In an odd way, this particular storm brings me peace.

Just something else for me to ponder before dinner.