A Monday note about works…

Good morning child of God,
It is my hope that you are opening this in the morning. Why? Because it’s Monday. And though Sunday is technically the first day of the calendar week…our culture traditionally treats Sunday as an ending and Monday as a beginning. Even my Microsoft Outlook calendar currently has Saturday/Sunday squeezed into one square block on the calendar while Monday through Friday are large and amply supplied with space for noting and organizing my tasks, appointments, etc.
Monday is the launch pad for our week’s destination and goals. Most of us set out on our personal journeys to face our schedules and tasks on Monday. Dependent upon your role at home or the office (or both), you either create your own goals and tasks or they are created for you. Or if you’re like me, it’s a combination of the two. Suffice it all to say, Monday is where “work” begins for most of us and we are going to occupy the greater part of our time on those particular days accomplishing the “works” that are there to be done.
No matter how your week is reflected, you and I both will invest a considerable part of our lives in “works” this week. Our jobs/roles provide the purpose and goals for the use and investment of our time on any given day, week, or month.
Ponder this verse with me:
We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)
Now, did you catch all of the information that is in that one verse of holy Scripture? If you did, does it make you look any differently at your calendar? Your goals? Your “works”? Look again.
-‘You are God’s workmanship.’
‘-You are created in Christ Jesus to do good works.’
‘-God prepared good works in advance for you to do.’
Earlier, I called you a “child of God”. That is significant. You are no longer a child of this world. If you find the time today, read the entire 2nd chapter of Ephesians. It speaks of this exact thing prior to the verse I have noted in this email. If you don’t have your Bible at work, visit this site: www.blueletterbible.org. It is a great resource that I use often.
As you go about your “work week”, remember that you are the workmanship of God. He imagined you, sketched you, built you, created you, and He did so with specific works in mind for YOU. He did it in advance. There is a God-made calendar for your day, your week, your year, your life.
When Hewlett Packard places its workmanship on the shelves of Circuit City, we know what the purpose of the product is. We read the place card or the specs on the box, etc. and we know the “works” for which this product was made. In general ways, we are the same. We are a product. And we have our own spec sheet. Spend a moment today reflecting on your day, your week, and your life. Speak to your Designer. Ask Him what He has for you to do. It is noted on His calendar and He will be pleased to share it with you.
In closing, remember that this world as we know it now is fading away each passing day. It is similar to a sand castle and the tide is rising. It is temporal.
You are a citizen of the world to come! It is eternal. Praise God!
Be about the works of God as you continue to walk your current path. There is a way to work and live on this planet that invests in the world that is coming.
We are blessed to know Him,


Published by

Jason Lanier

I was born in Wilmington, NC, was raised in Bolivia, NC, attended college in Boone, NC, and currently reside in Charlotte, NC. I am married to Vince Lanier, and am the father of three fine boys. I have served in worship ministry for over 20 years and currently serve as Pastor of Worship Ministries at LIFE Fellowship, Charlotte with Dr. Bobby Conway & Dr. Dan Burrell.

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